MakerBot Proposal


Collaborative/Responsive Web/Redesign

Project Description

This is the final project of one of my MFA course—Balancing Creativity and Profitability. The project will simulate a professional scenario where two design studios are at the final stage of a bidding contest to design a responsive website for Makerbot 3D Printers. The instructor will play the role of the client.

The purpose of this project is to present a bid for the design of a responsive website that will advertise Makerbots 3D Printer and provide information about the product to potential consumers.


My Team Role

I am one of the two content creators in our team. We collect the information and write the content for all client presentations. This includes images, copy, charts and statistics. I am particularly sensitive to timelines because the visual designers rely on the content I provide to do their work. I discusses with the team before preparing content, researches, then submits it for the team to review, as well as for the project manager to proof.

Participation(Tool:, Skype)

weekly meeting

We hold a meeting every Monday on Skype and discuss our tasks for that week. Our project manager takes notes for each meeting in case we forget something.


Comments and Feedback

We use to do our team work. We vote for our logo and names of our simulated studio. We also review our team members’ work before submit.



Our project manager create the timeline and every one strictly follow it.


Sample pages


See the complete proposal at